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TDOR 2017



Between 1 January 2008 and 30 September 2017 Transgender Europes Murder Monitoring (TMM)* identified 2609 trans and gender-diverse people worldwide reported as murdered. In 2015 there were 271 murders, in 2016 that number increased to 295 people, and in 2017 it has increased further to 325 people.

Transgender day of Remembrance #TDOR is held on the 20th November each year by trans communities worldwide, it consists of rallies, vigils, marches and memorials to those murdered, subjected to violence or hate.

TDOR is an opportunity for people to come together, to remember, to heal. The day is one of visible recognition of injustice too. To highlight sometimes lacking public awareness of, or media attention to, the neglect by certain countries and societies in their response to transpeople being murdered, subjected to violence or hate.

TDOR is a day for people to collectively grieve openly but also to celebrate the resilience of those living, and standing up against hate. It’s a day for communities to reach out to those affected by anti-trans violence, hate and bias. Today is also a day of building relationships; to create better understanding between communities and organisations, it is a show of solidarity. We therefore thank all those who stand by our side today, showing their support. The message we send today is, “ There is no place for hate. We stand here, united, visible and resolute against those who hate. And for any victim of hate, no matter how you may feel, you are NOT alone. Support is here, if you need it”

* TvT research project (2017) “Trans Murder Monitoring (TMM)TDoR 2017 Update”, Transrespect versus Transphobia Worldwide TvT project website: http://transrespect.org/en/trans-murder-monitoring/tmm-resources/

A year in the making

In just over a week or so Transpire will have it’s 1st birthday!  Its incredible how one persons determination and passion to form a peer support group has brought about such a change in our community. People from all walks of life and backgrounds have been able to meet in a safe, friendly and welcoming environment.

So what have we achieved in the last 12 months?

  • Well, we wanted to do things properly so we got ourselves an elected committee
  • Sorted out an official bank account which was so important to enable us to accept donations from funders
  • Formed working relationships and friendships with other local businesses and charities
  • Together we have raised over £1,800 in donations
  • Held 15 events throughout 2016 from our meet and eats, quiz nights, Christmas party and community events to raise awareness of trans issues
  • Grown our membership to over 240 on Facebook
  • Helped those that had problems with GPs misinforming them about their next steps
  • Worked with the NHS to create training material that will be used to better train staff such as GPs
  • Established working relationships with a number of secondary schools around Southend.  This allowed us to conduct presentations at assemblies or in smaller groups to raise awareness but also to reach those students that felt they needed our support
  • Basildon Council are now working with Transpire to create a training program to better support their trans colleagues
  • Arranged ongoing meetings with local MPs to help raise key trans issues that need to be addressed in Parliament
  • Working with Essex Police and the Hate Crime Prevention team to help escalate incidents of hate crime against our community.

These are just some of the highlights of our main achievements.  But there is still lots to do in 2017.  We’ve already put a bid together to form hate crime ambassador roles within the group.  With feedback from our members it was identified most of you felt more comfortable reporting to someone you know within Transpire.  We see this becoming a valuable service to the wider community in Southend and surrounding areas.

It has been amazing watching this group grow and to see the positive impact Transpire, its members and supporters are making each and every day to those that need it most.