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Laser Mayhem – Saturday 25th February 2017

Spend two hours in your team running around various locations, scouting out the enemy or defending your base from attack!

Unlike other venues, Laser Mayhem is out in the open surrounded by woodland, tanks, forts and plenty of places to run and hide!

We’ve confirmed with the provider that they support and welcome those from the trans / LGBT community.

The game is very simple to play; all you have to do is shoot your foes using military-style replica versions of pistols, assault rifles and sniper rifles. The goal of the game is also very straightforward; all you have to do to win the game is to accumulate more points than your opponent team.


Outdoor laser tag is highly exciting, partly due to the realistic game environment. The playgrounds are designed to accurately portray real world scenarios. Some play zones are designed with the theme of cities ravaged by war, complete with broken buildings and deformed landmass. The crumbling high-rise buildings and the network of alleyways around them make an excellent backdrop for high-octane urban warfare. Some others may resemble tropical jungles with dense foliage cover and deep dugouts, which are heavens for stealthy, tactical skirmishers. Still others may have artificial hills with sparse foliage, creating tactical challenges. In fact, the settings can be realistic enough to resemble a real war field in all respects, and an accidental fall from the ledge of a half-broken building can seriously hurt you. This is why it is imperative that you keep your eyes open at all times. The weapons will not hurt you, but the playground itself may very well do that, if you are unnecessarily careless or cocky.


What is a good shooting game without great weapons, right? The guns used in laser tag games can bring your innermost fantasies come to life. True, all guns are nothing more than realistic replicas of standard military-grade weapons, but the realistic craftsmanship of the weapons is impressive, nonetheless. The guns are available in different models as well. Do you prefer light weapons? Pick up two pistols in two hands and plow through your adversaries in ultimate dual-wielding combat style. Or how about picking up the assault rifle for awesome commando-style takedowns? Or if you fancy being the feared sharpshooter, do not forget to pick up the trusty one-shot-one-dismissal sniper rifle. The weapons cannot hurt you or your buddies, as these can only fire harmless infra-red beams. So, do not be afraid to aim high, and go for perfect headshots.


Laser tag is unlike any other game in terms of excitement. Imagine the thrill of landing a headshot on the leader of the opposing team, while he does not even get a chance to tag you. Think of the adrenaline coursing through your veins as you drop half of your opponent team single-handedly with your assault rifle. That too, without any guilty conscience on your part, since you know that none of them are actually getting injured. Was there ever a better way of enjoying realistic combat?

So, the next time you feel like shooting up some foes, don’t reach for your game console. Get to the nearest laser tag range with your buddies, instead. This is as close to reality as combat can get. Don’t miss it!


  1. Arrive 15 minutes before your session starts.
  2. Get booked in and help yourself to free tea and coffee.
  3. Every player gets kitted out in our camouflage overalls.
  4. Main introductory talk and gaming explanation
  5. Collect guns!
  6. Everyone is divided into their respective teams and given coloured hats that correspond to your team.
  7. Go to first playing zone.
  8. Receive mission briefing, including objectives and strategies.
  9. Play 1 game on that field (usually lasting about 10-15 minutes).
  10. Teams swap ends and play the same field again.
  11. Move to next playing area
  12. Play 2 more games with new missions and objectives, such as capture the tank.

Many people ask what they should bring, this is what Mayhem recommend:

  1. A pair of comfortable shoes; old trainers with good laces are good but boots with ankle support are better.
  2. Overalls will be provided but bring a few layers of clothing (Just in case you want to change later on in the day before you go home).
  3. We have showers that all of our customers can use, please bring a change of clothes and a towel.


DATE OF EVENT: Saturday 25th February 2017
TIME: Arrive no later than 11:15am, event kicks off at 11:30am!

WHERE: Laser Mayhem, Pryors Farm, Patch Park, Abridge, Essex RM4 1AA  (Laser Mayhem are based in Abridge, Essex and cover both the Essex and London areas. Please note, the entrance to our site is through Coveney Nursery. Follow the drive approximately 300m and the car park is on your left.) Further details available here: http://www.laser-mayhem.co.uk/directions

There is plenty of parking on site.  Transpire will NOT be providing any transport, so it will be down to you to make your own arrangements.

TERMS & CONDITIONS: All participants must be over 18. We are guaranteed to have private sessions with 20+ guests, therefore people from outside Transpire will be taking part in our games if there aren’t enough people.


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IMPORTANT: We will only approach the venue to secure the advertised date once we have 10 confirmed places.  Once the booking with the venue has been made Transpire, in turn, will no longer be able to offer any refunds should you not be able to attend the event for any reason.

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