Recreating ‘Rosie the Riveter’

Last week we had our first themed meetup hosted by Logan Fox.  This will hopefully the the first of many such events where we invite our members and guest speakers to share their passions with the group.

Photography meetup July 2016

For our first event Logan talked about his passion which is photography. During the session he presented a brief history of photography, colour theory and image retouching. Logan then demonstrated lighting by taking some shots of Gina who was modeling as the iconic ‘Rosie the Riveter’.

After the presentation everyone tucked in to some food and drink  and mingled.  Just as with our monthly ‘meet and eat’ events there was a lovely warm atmosphere.  People were laughing, talking to those they hadn’t met before and overall there was a real buzz.


Logan said afterwards “I’ve never done a presentation like this before, it was a real confidence boost to know that I could do this again and that people were engaged with what I was showing them.  I’ve always felt that Southend needs more creative activities.  From my own experience I have to look further afield for fine art / conceptual photography meetups that I want to take part in.  Off the back of this meetup I’m going to put it out there and invite anyone from our local community to take part in a new photography group which I’ll setup.  I’d like to share my passion, knowledge and creativity with others”.  The group Logan mentioned has now been setup and can be joined by clicking here.

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