London Pride 2017

London Pride is an amazing event and we were really excited to be taking part in this years parade to raise awareness of Transpire and our mission for supporting trans people, their family and friends and the wider LGBTQI+ community.

We organised a coach to transport our supporters to the event (and get them back home safely after). Flying the flag with pride we marched through London holding hands in solidarity for what we believe in, that no one should feel isolated.  For some of our members it was an emotional and overwhelming experience to be cheered by the thousands of people that came out to show their support.  The love and positive energy was an amazing experience both during and after the parade.

From all of us at Transpire a big thank you to everyone that made London Pride 2017 an awesome experience.  See you next year!

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Celebrating the ‘Great Get Together’ 2017

If you weren’t already in the know the ‘Great Get Together’ is a national event in remembrance of Jo Cox.  Her belief that there is more in common with the people around us than divides us.

Transpire took part in this event by organising a BBQ at Shoeburyness East Beach.   We were joined by fellow members of the group, friends and family as well as a whole host of other groups in our local community.

It was a beautiful hot summers day, the air was filled with the scent of delicious BBQ food and people were dipping their toes in the sea.  What really topped it were the many awesome people that made it on the day, taking part in games such as tug of war, giant jenga, singing and doing the limbo dance.  Here are some comments of people that made it on the day.

“I thought it was a wonderful day. Fantastic relaxed atmosphere with people from different walks of life. It was also great to see people who weren’t involved coming over and joining in” – Jess.

“I thought that it was a very relaxing and fun day. It was really nice seeing everyone come together, I felt at peace as I was being myself and the environment was very friendly. I was speaking to quite a few people that weren’t local to the area, so it was interesting to know that a range of people who came to the event were from different places.” – Ivy B.

“A fabulous community event full of happiness and laughter. To see so many people from different backgrounds coming together to embrace this event and seeing total acceptance to everyone made it a brilliant relaxing fun filled day.” – Lindsey

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“Cheque” out Basildon

The staff at Basildon Council did an LGBT charity cake bake for LGBT history month and the proceeds (over £180) were donated to Transpire on Thursday 23rd March, when we attended the Basildon Centre. There the Mayor, David Harrison handed over a very BIG cheque. We had a chance for a photo, with the Mayor,  Cllrs Terri Sargent and David Burton–Sampson and Ndunge Kivuitu the driving force in all things diversity at Basildon council! Of the Cake Bake, Cllr Sargent said, “It was lovely to see so many people take the time and effort to bake their own cakes to bring in for the sale. All the entries demonstrated brilliant creativity and I’d like to thank all the bakers and everyone who contributed to donations by buying their tasty creations. We hope that this donation helps this continue to provide the invaluable support they (Transpire) give.”

The money which the generous people who supported the LGBT cake bake have donated will really help Transpire have financial resilience to provide much needed support to our membership. We will use the donations to help increase people’s confidence and reduce feelings of isolation. We aim to reduce the approximately 40% higher rate of suicide by the trans community, who suffer isolation, hate incidents or domestic abuse. Any donations like this are really are gratefully received.


A year in the making

In just over a week or so Transpire will have it’s 1st birthday!  Its incredible how one persons determination and passion to form a peer support group has brought about such a change in our community. People from all walks of life and backgrounds have been able to meet in a safe, friendly and welcoming environment.

So what have we achieved in the last 12 months?

  • Well, we wanted to do things properly so we got ourselves an elected committee
  • Sorted out an official bank account which was so important to enable us to accept donations from funders
  • Formed working relationships and friendships with other local businesses and charities
  • Together we have raised over £1,800 in donations
  • Held 15 events throughout 2016 from our meet and eats, quiz nights, Christmas party and community events to raise awareness of trans issues
  • Grown our membership to over 240 on Facebook
  • Helped those that had problems with GPs misinforming them about their next steps
  • Worked with the NHS to create training material that will be used to better train staff such as GPs
  • Established working relationships with a number of secondary schools around Southend.  This allowed us to conduct presentations at assemblies or in smaller groups to raise awareness but also to reach those students that felt they needed our support
  • Basildon Council are now working with Transpire to create a training program to better support their trans colleagues
  • Arranged ongoing meetings with local MPs to help raise key trans issues that need to be addressed in Parliament
  • Working with Essex Police and the Hate Crime Prevention team to help escalate incidents of hate crime against our community.

These are just some of the highlights of our main achievements.  But there is still lots to do in 2017.  We’ve already put a bid together to form hate crime ambassador roles within the group.  With feedback from our members it was identified most of you felt more comfortable reporting to someone you know within Transpire.  We see this becoming a valuable service to the wider community in Southend and surrounding areas.

It has been amazing watching this group grow and to see the positive impact Transpire, its members and supporters are making each and every day to those that need it most.



NatWest British LGBT Awards 2017 Nominee

We are so excited that people in our community really value our cause and have nominated us for the NatWest British LGBT Awards 2017.

To date we have over 200 members, working relationships with schools, businesses and organisations.  But more importantly Transpire has been there to support people when they needed it most.

It means a lot to have been nominated and to have our efforts recognised and appreciated.  We now need as many votes as we can to get shortlisted for the top 10!

Could you help us? Every vote counts! All you need to do is follow the link below and complete the numbered sections:


We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported us during 2016.


Did you know we are also taking part in the Galaxy Hot Chocolate Fund and could be awarded a £300 donation.  You can help boost our chances of being chosen right now be giving your vote here:

South Essex Trans Network