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One Girl and Her Dog

One Girl and Her Dog

Transpire member Rose shares a personal inspirational message from her and her dog, Finley.

This is our first guest post from Transpire member Rose! If you have a piece of writing you would like to submit to the transpire blog, please contact editor@transpiresouthend.org

About the Author: My name is Rose. I am a PreOp transgender, M/F. I knew back in the sixties, that I wanted to be a Girl. However, I didn’t come out until, about three years ago. I am now into my third year of Living the life. I have been on HRT for over a year and I am now on T. Blockers. I am looking forward to having the Operation and starting a new Path in my life.

More Ramblings. From One Girl and Her Dog xx

A dogs love is unconditional. I cannot deny that. Since the age of fifteen I have had many five off then have been my eyes, with each one having to work harder. As my eyes grow dim. I have also had a pet Lab who we loved. She was called Tammy. Before that I had Collies who were working dogs that I used on the farms I worked on.

As any Dog lover knows. As humans. We can never return the love and devotion. Our dogs give to us. They stay by our side, no matter what. When we feel low. They know. They nuzzle into us and help us through hard times. But there is one thing they cannot do. they cannot give us the love, we, as humans seek. The love of another woman, or man. The soft touch of lips the comfort of a hug. The warmth of a human body as it cuddles into you, as you lie in bed. The arms that hold you tight. The soft voice that comforts you, that one person that knows your screams of anguish, are not directed at them. as you toss and turn throughout the night. That one person, that knows how you feel, without you having to explain. Who takes you in their arms and holds you. Who whispers softly in your ear and tells you, that everything will be okay. No questions asked. Who sees and understands the pain and hurt you have lived through. Who understands you and loves you for you.

Does that person exist? I do not know.

I have many friends . (Some who were lucky enough to have been born Women) and others who will be Women and others who, one day will find the path they seek.

However. There are others out there who call us an abomination. These people? Have no idea of the pain, the hurt, the torment we go through, as we try and live our lives. I cannot condemn ignorance. These people do not understand the harm they do. However, it is those within our community, those who should understand , that do us harm. I ask myself why? I do not have the answer. Do you?

My heart is heavy. But not for myself. I am strong enough too live a lonesome life.

It is for those boys and Girls. Who have no one to help them. They are our future. Organisations such as Transliving, TransAngels and Transpire, along with the LGBT Movement are their hope. Please help them. Because without them, we will not survive.

My heart and my love goes out to you all. Remember hope and belief in yourself, will bring your dreams to fruition.

Love to you all and may your God and Goddess be with you.

Love from Rose and Finley xx

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