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Standing proud with Transpire & Unison!

A dash of snow won’t stop Transpire from embracing the opportunity to help pave the way to a safer and more inclusive community!


Today Transpire teamed up with Unison’s Southend branch to talk about all things trans and LGBT+, and how together we can make both the local community and the workplace a safer and more inclusive place to be able show our true colours without fear of hate or discrimination.

Transpire’s founder and chair, Gina Denham, gave a presentation describing her own personal journey through transitioning and the situations she has experienced in the work place as a Sergeant for Essex Police and previous forces, relating this to current legislation and policies in place of how the community and employers can ensure members of the community and employees are are being treated fairly and without discrimination.


Focussed around Gina’s ever updating book ‘Transitioning for beginners’ – new policies and information is forever changing, updating and being put into place to ensure the diversity of our workplaces and communities is being catered for – Gina spoke about encouraging people not to adopt what she calls the ‘typical mind’, the assumption that those around you share the same views or values as you and for employers to ensure their policies and procedures are inclusive of Trans and LGBT+ employees and protect them from discrimination.

After an informative talk from Gina, the snow stopped and offered the opportunity for members of Transpire and Unison to come together to show their support and pride for the community and the diversity of everybody in it by raising the LGBT+ flag outside Southend Council.

The afternoon came to a close on a high note of receiving the generous donation of £100 from Southend Unison to help Transpire continue to do the work that we do to support the community – so a huge thanks to Unison!

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“UNISON represents and acts for members working in a range of public services and utilities, whether they’re employed by private companies, public authorities or in the community and voluntary sector. We represent members, negotiate and bargain on their behalf, campaign for better working conditions and pay and for public services. And more besides.”

You can become a member of Unison too!
Find out how to join at:








Share the love on Facebook!

Transpire now has it’s very own Facebook profile picture frame that you can wear with love on your profile to show your support for Transpire and the work that we do to support our members!

Share some Transpire love by adding our profile picture frame to your Facebook by following the link: Transpire Facebook Frame

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Here’s an example of what our new profile picture frame looks like below! 

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Transpire Merchandise

All profits from sales of Transpire merchandise go into funding the work that Transpire does to support it’s members

If you would like to show your support by purchasing an item of Official Transpire Merchandise, please refer to our merchandise pricing list below and place your order through – when placing an order please ensure to state the preferred size and colour of your item, and for made to order items please state whether you would like a back print.

Thank you for supporting Transpire!

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 imageedit_2_4155977401Transpire members wearing our zoodies, hoodies and t-shirts

TDOR 2017



Between 1 January 2008 and 30 September 2017 Transgender Europes Murder Monitoring (TMM)* identified 2609 trans and gender-diverse people worldwide reported as murdered. In 2015 there were 271 murders, in 2016 that number increased to 295 people, and in 2017 it has increased further to 325 people.

Transgender day of Remembrance #TDOR is held on the 20th November each year by trans communities worldwide, it consists of rallies, vigils, marches and memorials to those murdered, subjected to violence or hate.

TDOR is an opportunity for people to come together, to remember, to heal. The day is one of visible recognition of injustice too. To highlight sometimes lacking public awareness of, or media attention to, the neglect by certain countries and societies in their response to transpeople being murdered, subjected to violence or hate.

TDOR is a day for people to collectively grieve openly but also to celebrate the resilience of those living, and standing up against hate. It’s a day for communities to reach out to those affected by anti-trans violence, hate and bias. Today is also a day of building relationships; to create better understanding between communities and organisations, it is a show of solidarity. We therefore thank all those who stand by our side today, showing their support. The message we send today is, “ There is no place for hate. We stand here, united, visible and resolute against those who hate. And for any victim of hate, no matter how you may feel, you are NOT alone. Support is here, if you need it”

* TvT research project (2017) “Trans Murder Monitoring (TMM)TDoR 2017 Update”, Transrespect versus Transphobia Worldwide TvT project website:

Southends Hate Crime Ambassadors

Stopping hate starts here! Our Hate Crime Ambassadors recently met up to refresh, review and revise their skills. Its important to ensure we are fully equipped and able to help and support victims of hate.

Have you or someone you know been a victim of a hate crime? Learn how we can support you here.

London Pride 2017

London Pride is an amazing event and we were really excited to be taking part in this years parade to raise awareness of Transpire and our mission for supporting trans people, their family and friends and the wider LGBTQI+ community.

We organised a coach to transport our supporters to the event (and get them back home safely after). Flying the flag with pride we marched through London holding hands in solidarity for what we believe in, that no one should feel isolated.  For some of our members it was an emotional and overwhelming experience to be cheered by the thousands of people that came out to show their support.  The love and positive energy was an amazing experience both during and after the parade.

From all of us at Transpire a big thank you to everyone that made London Pride 2017 an awesome experience.  See you next year!

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